Top 5 Tips on Wine Making at Home

Winemaking at home can be a fun and profitable hobby and of course, if you have a good number of fruit trees and grapevines at home and you have more than enough harvest for eating, you may want to make some of the harvests into wines. Although there are now modern ways and techniques in winemaking, you can make your wine with simple equipment at home.


Choosing good grapes


If you want to make good wine, you must start with a good variety of grapes. There are varieties of grapes that are ideal for wines, and if you want to make good wines in the first place, then you can choose to plant those varieties great for winemaking. Merlot is among those popular varieties for this purpose.




One of the most important processes in making wines that you have to learn if you want to make wines in your own home is the fermentation process. This process also uses yeast to make it a success.


During fermentation, and in all processes in your winemaking, it is important that you practice cleanliness and good sanitation. This will avoid your wine from spoiling.


Another tip that you can keep in mind as well in your fermentation is not to use wild yeast for the process as this can spoil everything. Separate the pulp from the juice and continue with the fermentation. Make sure that the temperature is at around 70 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit for the fermentation.


Bottling, storing and aging.


Aside from fermentation, you also have to learn how to bottle your wine, store it and allow it to age. Long storage makes a great wine; thus you have to make sure that you also do this process correctly. Although simple, it is important that you learn from experts or from those who have been into winemaking at home for years already.


Your wine will not taste that good after fermentation; thus you have to do some storing to allow it to age and allow the different ingredients to blend well and interact with each other – only then that you can achieve the best taste that you want for your homemade wines.


Good hygiene and sanitation is another aspect of winemaking that you have to keep in mind and properly observe as well.


A little contamination can spoil your wine and can be frustrating if all of your wines have gone spoiled. You have to sterilize all your equipment and utensils in your winemaking. You can put it into boiling water to make sure that everything is sterilized.


To prepare yourself in winemaking at home, also make sure that you have the necessary equipment to start with.


You don’t have to have that modern state-of-the-art and expensive equipment as you can make wine in your kitchen with simple equipment.


You may need some buckets, a mesh sheet or strainer, bottles with cork, funnel, fermenting vessel for the fermentation process, aluminum pan for boiling. You can always find a complete list of materials if you can grab a good manual or guide about winemaking at home. For more on cleaning and home maintenance, read our take on how to clean Kenmore washing machine