Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Boulder Food & Wine Festival a Success

Organizers, participants and attendees should be commended for helping to make Sunday's inaugural Boulder Food and Wine Festival a grand success. The festival included samples from some of Boulder's finest restaurants and wines from about twenty Colorado wineries. I was there early in the day, and attendance appeared to be very strong. The Daily Camera estimated attendance at about 2,000 people, which I do not believe to be exaggerated. Some of the highlights were Mateo's prosciutto and olives, Q's peach cobbler, a delicious veggie flatbread served by The Kitchen, and Aji had people lining up for seconds of their shrimp ceviche. The wines from Colorado have a long way to go before they can compete with wines from more prominent regions, but I didn't see anyone leaving the festival dissatisfied with the event. Boulder's food and wine scene is definitely coming of age, and the festival's impressive attendance shows the city's potential for more events like this. I just hope next year they'll be a little more accepting of Boulder's heritage and let me use the same entrance as everyone else.

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Amanda.Denver Colorado Wedding Photographer said...

I'm going to google to see when the 2009 festival is! I'm in Aspen and began salivating over the food / wine tents. When I looked up " ticket prices " .... um .... I can't go to the fest. in Aspen ( $1050 for the weekend ). I found your blog searching for " affordable wine festival colorado " . Thanks for the info ! ~Amanda